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SouthStar provides the most comprehensive, versatile and convenient independent third-party regulatory audits to clients across the country from a variety of industries.  The SouthStar team offers a highly practical, cost-effective and reliable way to measure EHS performance at your facilities.

SouthStar consultants who average over 25 years of experience regularly perform independent audits to verify compliance with regulatory standards, internal corporate requirements and management system maturity and effectiveness. Additionally, we can provide information on the effectiveness of management systems, opportunities for cost reduction, and continuous improvement accomplishments.

These assessments provide the client with a realistic picture of normal daily operations, measure compliance to the client’s safety/environmental management program and OSHA/EPA requirements, and greatly assist in keeping their program ‘on-track’ and sustainable.

Independent Audit Benefits

Using an experienced third-party for your auditing needs has substantial benefits.

  • Demonstrate compliance with OSHA, EPA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Fresh, non-biased eyes to view the operation, without the natural familiarity that occurs over time with regular staff in the day-to-day routine.
  • Training component for new and existing employees responsible for the actual day-to-day execution of the facility’s safety program.
  • Transmission of best demonstrated practices (BDP) from our experienced safety & environmental consultants to your staff.
  • Opportunity to recalibrate a facility’s own self-inspection.
  • Demonstration of compliance and/or mature management system required contractually to clients, contractors and vendors.
  • Increased motivation on the part of the receiving management team to respond quickly and effectively to the audit recommendations due their higher profile
  • Meet due diligence requirements during acquisitions.
  • Greater objectivity than a Second Party Audit.