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noise  (noiz)
1. Sound or a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired.

noise-instrumentNoise has been recognized as an occupational hazard since the 1700′s. Noise is a by-product of many industrial operations and therefore, noise-induced hearing loss is a common occupational problem.  Approximately 30 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise while performing their job duties and as many as ten million additional workers are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to solvents, metals and other agents.  Noise-induced hearing loss is 100 percent preventable!  Yet, once the hearing loss has occurred, the hearing loss is permanent and irreversible. Protect your employees and your company by utilizing SouthStar to perform the necessary surveys and analyses for you!

Workplace Area Noise Survey

Extended exposure to sound levels above OSHA regulations and/or ACGIH standards can cause irreparable damage to your employees’ hearing prompting potential workers’ compensation claims as well as citations & fines for non-compliance with government regulations.

SouthStar Risk Consulting, LLC will survey and map the noise levels throughout your workplace allowing you to properly manage and inform your employees of the exposure levels. The map will help guide you in identifying areas of your workplace that require additional personal exposure monitoring and/or engineering controls.

Personal Noise Exposure Monitoring

noise-instrumentPersonal Noise Exposure Monitoring can help your company maintain compliance with OSHA’s occupational noise exposure regulations. It is particularly helpful when employees subjected to intermittent noise exposure levels that fluctuate throughout the workday.

SouthStar will monitor individual employees for a workday to determine if their noise exposure is above the occupational limit, and any peak or ceiling limitations upon request. Upon completion of the monitoring, a report outlining the noise exposure along with graphs of the exposure throughout the workday will be provided as well as recommendations to meet all regulatory requirements. If necessary, a Hearing Conservation Plan will be prepared at no additional cost for your facility.

State of the Art Casella Equipment

SouthStar utilizes only the finest Casella equipment in providing noise and sound level monitoring. Rugged, micro-sized CEL-350 personal noise dosimeters combine power and simplicity and are also available with intrinsic safety approvals to permit use in hazardous areas. Small in size and lightweight, the CEL-350 dosimeters are worker friendly – they’ll appreciate not having to wear a bulky, heavy dosimeter on their belt. Safety is enhanced as well as the integral microphone is far less likely to get tangled with equipment and moving parts than traditional cable mounted microphones.

Questions Regarding How Noise Exposure Monitoring Works?

Contact us today at +1-281-787-2613 and a representative will walk you through the process of collecting noise exposure levels throughout the work day.